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Solar PV

Solar PV Installation

AJM Electrical Services (SW) Ltd specialise in the design and installation of solar PV and battery storage systems. With 20+ years experience, we are experts at designing bespoke solar PV and battery storage systems to suit the needs of your property. We are proud premium partners with Solarwatt, offering premium quality solar systems for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors in Somerton and beyond. For more details on their products be sure to check out their company brochure.

Farm House With Solar Panels On Roof

Generate Solar Power

Generate your own electricity and boost your independence. We offer everything you need for an economically effective photovoltaic system. Our high-quality solar module forms the powerful core of your system.

Manage Energy Flows

It’s sensible to use as much of the electricity as possible yourself. Our systems from our trusted partners allow you to monitor the solar energy in a way that makes the most sense for you via an APP. Additional components such as battery storage systems, immersion controllers, and EV chargers can all be programmed to work around you to optimise your solar PV system. 

Store Solar Energy

It shouldn’t matter if the sun is shining or not. Store excess solar power instead of sending it back to the grid, only to buy it back later at a higher cost. Using your own energy always makes sense.

Electric Car Charger

EV Chargers

Specific brands of EV chargers can be programmed to use excess solar PV to charge your electric car for free. They can also be programmed to be scheduled for cheap night-time rate to be agreed with your supplier. 

Solarwatt Installer

Solar Panels

The robust construction of Solarwatt’s glass-glass panels makes them sustainable in every way, offering you reliably high yields for many years to come. That’s why they come with a 30-year guarantee.

Even gaseous or liquid pollutants won’t harm the sensitive solar cells. The glass is applied on both sides and lamination bonded, makes it impossible for moisture or chemicals to penetrate.

We have a range of different wattage solar panels to choose depending on your roof and needs. You will be sure to find the right solution for your needs and objectives.

Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Battery storage increases your independence while noticeably decreasing the amount of electricity you need to buy from the grid. Surplus energy is stored for later use, just when you need it.

We can help you decide on the correct size battery storage you need to cover as much of your usage as possible.

If you add battery storage to your system we can wire an EPS system to provide you with power on certain circuits in the event of a power cut.

Battery storage is an option even if solar panels aren’t an option. A lot of customers have battery systems installed to make the most of the cheap night-time tariffs, storing cheaper rate energy to use during peak daylight times.

Use Your Stored Energy During A Power Cut

EPS or Emergency Power Supply refers to a solar PV system’s ability to automatically or manually change over to powering your essential circuits from your battery storage system, in the case of a power cut. The next generation of hybrid solar inverters are designed to provide EPS, as a way to provide customers with peace of mind during power failure.

Frequently Asked Questions

A south facing roof is preferred however an east-west split roof can also give good generation morning and afternoon.

Yes! Having a Solar PV system with certain brands of battery storage can give you electric on your chosen circuits for a period of time, depending on how much you use.

The SolarWatt panels we use are designed to be self-cleaning in the rain. If you do not have much rain for a period of time, however, they can collect dust, debris and bird droppings that will reduce the amount of electricity produced. So it is a good idea to regularly check your panels.

It is worth bearing in mind, lots of window cleaners also clean solar PV panels.

  • Reduce your electricity bills. A 3kWp system should be able to generate around 35% of an average households annual electricity needs.
  • Lower your carbon footprint. Solar Panels don’t produce any carbon emissions, which will help to greatly reduce the impact your home or business has on the environment.
  • No running costs. Once installed, you won’t have to worry about any operating costs as they create free renewable energy for your home and business.
  • Low maintenance. Other than making sure the panels are getting enough light, making sure they’re clean, and not being obstructed, there’s not a lot else to worry about.
  • Charge an electric vehicle for free. Reduce your fuelling costs if you have an EV. EV chargers can be programmed to run off of your excess Solar PV electric.
  • Only if you live in a conservation area or your property is a listed building.

    They absolutely do! Obviously the more sunshine the more electricity produced.

    Interesting Fact: A sunny Winters day is when Solar panels reach their most optimum performance.

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    We make it easy for you to start generating solar energy. With premium quality products designed and developed in Germany, a 30-year product and performance guarantee, you can certainly hit the ground running. For further information regarding our solar power systems, please get in touch.

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